To guide and inspire you to make simple changes that will create big results, with improved decisions that fit your busy lifestyle.

Have you tried to “Make a change” to improve your life, but can’t seem to figure out the First Step to Changing? Are you frustrated by your inability to help your family “Eat healthy” and still enjoy their food?

Does your work “Follow you home,” and interfere with your personal or family life?

It’s time to “Stop the madness” and take control of your life! It’s time to realize your full potential, using your own standards of success! It’s time to find the path to health, wealth, and happiness that fits your unique situation and lifestyle.

Who defines your life?

The definition of a “contemporary professional” seems to include taking care of everyone but yourself, doesn’t it? Well, it’s time to change that type of thinking – and to make YOURSELF a priority. CMP Contemporary Health and Wellness is for busy professionals who want help in reducing stress; to find more energy; and incorporate delicious, healthy meals into their diets and their family meal plans. I am here to make sure you are taking care of your own health and overall wellness – not just taking care of others – by showing you how to become your own Happiness Expert and Wellness Guru. After all, who knows your body better than you do? With Wellness and Lifestyle Coaching from CMP Contemporary Health and Wellness, you will become a Lifestyle All Star – a focused, energetic professional – who knows exactly what you want – and how to achieve it.

Customized Nutrition and Personal Wellness

Whether you’re looking for a Corporate Wellness Coaching or an Individual Health and Wellness Program, I will help you:

  • Establish realistic goals for better living – based on your values, not the values or judgment of others.
  • Develop an effective action plan – to help you reach your goals, through simple changes that yield big results, and with full support and encouragement.
  • Discover simple, healthy eating plans – with tips on healthy shopping, how to read and interpret food labels, tasty recipes and food prep, foods to avoid illness and reduce digestive problems, as well as advanced meal planning that will help you save time in your busy schedule.
  • Create the right nutrition plan for you – using natural foods and juicing to cleanse your gut, eliminate food allergies and skin irritation, and prevent persistent medical problems from recurring.
  • Find out why dieting and “Self-help” programs aren’t working for you – and discover the kinds of nutrition and wellness techniques that will allow you to feel better, boost energy levels, and be more productive.
  • Lose weight and keep it off – with a customized nutrition plan that recognizes your bio-individuality and accommodates the needs of your body, not a “One-size-fits-all” diet that does not work for you. After all, what is one person’s food is another person’s poison.
  • Learn time management skills and stress management techniques – that will enable you to set your work aside at the end of the day and enjoy your leisure and family time more fully, with realistic limits on your time for yourself – and others.
  • Learn to appreciate the wonderful person you are already – as well as the happy, healthy person you will become.

Corporate Wellness Coaching Program Corporate health and wellness coaching will lead to improved employee energy levels, more positive attitudes, and increased motivation, while also saving you money on employee health insurance plans. With my Corporate Wellness Coaching Program, you will receive:

  • Comprehensive wellness assessment of all employees
  • Customized goal setting for each employee
  • One-on-one or group coaching for your team
  • Mentoring and support to encourage success
  • Informative resources to aid in meeting individual goals
  • My ongoing commitment to the success of your company and the health of your entire team

As a single parent with 26 years in the corporate world, I’ve learned to wear many hats. Some fit better than others of course, but the most important thing I’ve learned throughout my life is that we must all be fully aware of the choices we make, and take responsibility for them. Only then can we begin to make changes that will improve our lives, leading to new, healthier choices that enhance our lives and make us happier, and more fulfilled. If you would like to learn more about me and my journey, please visit my Meet Carolyn Page. To learn more about my Integrated Wellness Coaching Approach, please visit my Nutrition and Health Services Page. To find out if I can help you, Schedule your FREE Wellness Consultation today!