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If there is one thing I learned in more than two-and-a-half decades of working in corporate America, it is this – what you do is integral to who you are. There, I said it. To go even further, your work defines you, just as it does everyone around you.

How you think about work and life affect their balance

By this, I don’t mean to imply that the work you do is the only thing that defines you, but I do mean to say that, to a very large extent, your career is one of the most important factors in determining who you are; the way you see yourself and, perhaps most important, how you value yourself as a human being. Non-productive people tend toward low self-esteem, made worse by the harsh judgments from others and, while this may seem regrettable, it is a simple fact of life.

Somehow, the conventions of contemporary society have had a profound effect on how we value the work we do and the career we’ve chosen, while at the same time separating that work from “living our lives.” This makes little sense, because it’s also a fact of life that human beings must work to live. We must generate income to pay for the necessities, as well as the luxuries, of life. This is not a value judgment, it simply IS. Acceptance of this reality is the first step toward finding a healthy work/life balance.

Erasing the conflict between life and work

Let’s look at it this way, simply and logically. If eating food is essential to life, and if productive work is essential to acquiring food, then work is essential to your continued existence, right? There is no conflict between the two. In fact, both are essential to living, and moreover, are extremely positive traits to value and achieve.

When you change your mindset about there being a struggle for balance between life and work, by accepting that your work is integral to your life and sense of self – that what you do is an essential part of who you are – the conflict simply disappears. There is no conflict. You begin to find balance between work and life.

In short, accepting that work is part of your life, an extremely valuable part of your life, not something external to it, is the first step toward finding a healthy work/life balance.
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