My Individual Professional Coaching Plan is a 6-month intensive, designed for busy professionals, to help you better cope with stress, boost energy levels, increase focus, eliminate binge eating, eat healthy meals and snacks, and – perhaps most important – rediscover perspective and purpose, enhancing your senses of joy and happiness.

Together, we will:

  • healthy livingMeet twice a month, via Phone, or In-person Coaching
  • Develop strategies for Positive Nutrition and Lifestyle Changes
  • Understand the power of Mind/Body and Food/Health Connections
  • Develop Realistic Life and Health Goals that will Enable Success
  • Develop effective Stress Management techniques and strategies
  • Learn the Secrets hidden in Food Labels
  • Tips for Healthy Food Shopping (Local clients, we will take shopping trips together)
  • Learn Advance Healthy Meal preparation to save time in your busy schedule
  • Discover How to Stop Binge Eating
  • Healthy, simple Recipes to help you meet all your Nutrition Goals
  • Share the power of Bio-Individuality and Integrative Nutrition
  • Discuss Primary Foods, Secondary Foods, and the importance of Life Balance

And, as you begin this journey on the path to a healthy, happier life, I will be there with you, every step of the way, to provide motivation, encouragement, direction, and accountability.

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