Juicing for weight loss and overall health has become an industry in itself these days. I have nothing against juicing of course, and even encourage my clients to find healthy juicer recipes to improve digestion, gain a quick energy boost, and help to lose weight. BUT, I believe the benefits of juicing are most pronounced as a supplement to enjoying a healthy meal plan.

Juicing should never replace eating healthy, nutritious meals.

Among the many sites I examined, The Juice Nut was my favorite, for offering free juicing recipes without too much “Selling” involved.

“A number of my recipes are specially designed to target specific needs such as weight loss, detoxification, healing the digestive system, anti-aging, etc. Although it’s true that some juice recipes will be more effective in remedying particular health issues, all fresh juices have the power to improve overall physical health, so it’s impossible to go wrong.” – The Juice Nut (aka, Ron Lagerquist)

The reason I enjoy this approach so much is that there are no outrageous claims being made to cure disease or make you a better person. The site simply offers healthy juicing recipes with some common sense advice and explanations of the benefits of juicing for the average person. In my experience, the more you can avoid the hype you find on a website, the better off you’ll be.

In an effort to help you discover some of the benefits of juicing, I’ve done the research for you, and found some healthy juicing recipes that I think will be of great benefit. Whether you’re juicing to lose weight or juicing to supplement your healthy eating plan, these recipes sound delicious, and should help you reach your goals.

While I do love some of the recipes I found at these websites, I ask that you please disregard any outrageous claims that the website owners may make. Remember the old saying, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

  • The Juice Nut – offers a veritable Mega-menu of healthy juicing recipes for weight loss, weight maintenance, cleansing, and detox.
  • Reboot with Joe – offers some truly delicious looking concoctions to help you discover the benefits of juicing.
  • Super Skinny Me – may make some startling claims about the power of juicing for weight loss, which I recommend you ignore, but they do offer some great recipes.

I have not, and do not, receive any remuneration from any of the websites listed above. I merely offer these links to help you get started on your hunt for delicious, nutritious, healthy juicer recipes.

If you would like to know if juicing for weight loss or overall health will benefit you, get in touch with me today to schedule your FREE Wellness Consultation.


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